caledonia cannabis began in 2018 on a small hemp farm run by three generations of vermont women on a sunny meadow nestled in a high mountain valley in caledonia county, vermont.  the 200 year old homestead is skirted by a pure and winding stream, beaver ponds, and tall evergreens.

from its inception, caledonia cannabis has grown its plants with an exceptional love to plant ratio, only possible on small scale family run farms such as ours.

the more human attention, time, and care we are able to devote to each plant, the more nourishment the plant will give back to us with its healing properties. plants tended on a smaller scale, will receive a greater love to plant ratio.  LOVE  : PLANT  in turn, this positive energetic transfer will provide users of our cannabis products with CBD that we believe has a superior therapeutic profile. 

love:plant ratio is the DNA makeup of caledonia cannabis, and the idea on which our company was founded.  

located in the heart of an arising hemp industry in the vital and rugged northeast kingdom, arantha, farmer & founder, emerged as an industry thought leader provoked by an influx of out-of-state CBD corporations buying land for large scale industrial growing and looking to distribute & romanticize CBD grown in vermont.  

inspired by her talented neighbors, arantha opened her door to cultivate a community of generation old, organically certified, sustainable, small scale, vermont farmers.  these established farmers are successful organic vegetable growers who have been living and farming on the rich vermont land for years in reverence and stewardship. with a rapidly changing industry landscape, it was realized that this community wanted to stay doing what they do best, growing nourishing plants. 

from there, caledonia cannabis established a cooperative relationship with our farming neighbors founded on one basic mission: to provide cannabis users with organic CBD, raised with love, by deeply rooted vermont farmers at an affordable and fair price. 

Love:plant ratio is the DNA makeup of caledonia cannabis, and the idea on which our company was founded.  

with the opportunity to combine our mission with a co-op of small scale farmers, caledonia cannabis provides our farmers with the opportunity to enter larger markets by aggregating and distributing the product of multiple small growers under one unified banner of a single organization. the co-op allows smaller family farms to remain viable in vermont by giving them access to markets that they would otherwise be unable to serve on their own. thus, caledonia cannabis has penetrated the marketplace with CBD grown by true vermont farming artisans, working as one community. 

our hope is that this story is heard. 

by purchasing your CBD products from caledonia cannabis you are ensuring the success and continued survival of small scale, organic farming in the stunning northeast kingdom of vermont.  additionally, you can rest assured you are gifting yourself with the nourishment of an unprecedented quality of CBD grown in vermont by the people who know its soil best. 

at caledonia cannabis, we know that now is the time to begin living through deeper relationships with the plants that provide for us in so many ways. We choose to live in a way that allows the music of the land to speak aloud through its wholesome medicinal plants. they are our teachers, healers, and allies, and we are committed to living in a way that allows us to listen.