1000mg full spectrum CBD tincture

1000mg full spectrum CBD tincture

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This CBD was grown with a high love:plant ratio.  read more about us

organically grown full spectrum caledonia cannabis CBD emulsified in hemp seed oil to bring you a CBD tincture made from 100% HEMP.  your oil stands apart because of its robust terpene profile. this pungency is testament to the purity of your oil which maintains all original cannabinoids throughout our production process. we aim to bring you the cleanest and most potent form of full spectrum vt grown CBD.

  • full spectrum CBD
  • USA made
  • certified organic
  • 100% Hemp
  • minimally processed 
  • non - GMO
  • sustainably grown 

*by purchasing your CBD products from caledonia cannabis you are helping to ensure the success and continued survival of small scale, organic farming in the northeast kingdom of vermont.